Our Team

Janez Vrenko

Every morning he checks FORBES TOP 10 list and if he is not on he goes to work to help build an empire for everyone who is a part of the amazing family called BITMARK EXCHANGE.

Harry Gurm

If technology had the last name it would be "GURM". A magician with keyboard and an amazing personality leading our developing team to new highs.

Liam Firus

He had to qualify for Olympic Games in Sochi for Canada in order to join BitMark Exchange. This shows high standards that BitMark Exchange has as a company. He maintains high standards and expectations for BitMark Exchange.

Hani Zabaneh

A financial wizard with the magic stick that allows us to focus on the business. He makes sure all financial requirements are fulfilled and we are compliant everywhere we do business.

Chuck Choi

BitMark Exchange operations run smoothly because of him. He puts us on the world map. He makes sure we are present in Canada and the rest of the countries worldwide.